Top 7 Tips When Moving Home With Young Kids

Moving from one home to another within the city or from one city to another is a problem for all. It becomes even more challenging when you have children with you, says Michael from Get Moving Geelong.

Having toddlers, infants and young kids can be a big headache and could make your moving plans quite tough. It requires right planning and having a checklist and understanding more about some proven tips that could make things easy to move with children in tow. We are happy to share some useful tips that may make things easy for those who are planning to move with children.


Never hesitate to ask for help from family members. Some people may offer it voluntarily and if they do so, don’t hesitate to accept it. Those who know about moving will understand that it is a tough job and your well wishers will be ready to extend their helping hand as best as they can. There are many friends and relatives who come forward to help with packing of the belongings and other possessions. Others may help by taking care of the toddlers and the little one as the parents get into the finer points of packing and then making the belongings ready for moving. Hence, there is nothing wrong in seeking help because even superheroes will not find it easy to pack household belongings especially when they have young babies and children.


Kids can be tough to hand especially when your entire home is in a mess because of packing and ensuring that your belongings are ready for transportation. It would be a good idea to ensure that you give something unique and interesting to your kids. This will keep them occupied. You will be able to get those precious few hours to concentrate on your packing, moving and various other related jobs. You will not have to spend a fortune for the purpose. Simple things like pencil sets and coloring books is enough to keep them engaged and entertained as you complete your main job of packing. You also could set apart a DVD with a computer so that they could watch some cartoons and other such interesting stuff. In fact if you have children are above the age of three and between four to five years of age, they can help you with the packing of their own things and this is a good way to keep them engaged.


A combination of young and naughty children and toddlers with the humungous task of packing and moving could be strenuous and tension filled. It also could be energy sapping. Hence, it would be a great idea to pack up things and make them ready for moving when the kids are asleep. You may have to change your sleeping pattern for a day or two so that you are able to make the most of the time that is available when the children are asleep.


Packing and moving could lead to disruption of a number of activities and your sleep could also be disturbed. It could lead to emotional problems. According to some studies moving is one of the most stressful activities, after a divorce or the death of a beloved one. Hence, it would be a great idea to take help on our partner and ensure that he or she chips in with the best possible help and assistance. You may have to empty your emotional feelings and your partner is the best person who can help you in this. If not for physical help in packing and moving, partners can be of great help in handling the emotional problems associated with packing and moving.


Children, including toddlers and small ones are intelligent and they will certainly be aware that some change is happening in their home. They also may be a bit apprehensive and unsettled because of such changes. As parents, you must try and remove their fears. You can do this by getting them involved in the whole process and also talk them about the move and the changes that come with it.


We all believe and follow the concept of a single day. However, when you have children and toddlers in tow, will it not be a good idea to have more than a single moving day? There are no hard and fast rules that there should only be a single moving day. Phasing it for two or three days will be less demanding physically, mentally and emotionally. You also will have some breathing space to take care of the children properly.


Packing and moving without children is in itself a highly challenging task. When you have children to take care, the task becomes almost impossible. They will keep on disturbing the parents at regular intervals in spite of their best efforts to keep them engaged. Therefore, it will be a much better idea to engage professional movers to do the job


Packing and moving with children to tow is a tough job and it requires quite a bit of advance planning and being proactive. You cannot afford to be straight jacketed and rigid in your approach.…

Top Tips To Help De-Clutter Your Home Before Moving House

De-cluttering is an important step during the moving process. This means getting rid of all the stuff that’s not been of much use to you of late. You’ll be surprised at how much space you’ll free up when you’re done.

However, it’s not as easy for some people since no one is ever sure of what they don’t need anymore. It’ll take plenty of time to figure this out and have things in place. Here are crucial tips to help in decluttering before moving home;


Take all the time you need to decide whether you want to get rid of some items for good. If you lead such a busy life, you may want to begin months before the material moving day.

If the weekends work for you, maximize every opportunity you get. Tackle a different room each day and set a box aside for each. If your closet is at the top of your list, get down to it first.

When the hard part is over, all the rest will fall in place and you won’t need to put in as much effort. You’ll save the movers’ time as well.


If you’ve moved house before, you probably understand the intensity of stress you’re likely to face. The good news is that you can take the pressure off by setting a convenience box aside.

Pack all the tools and items you’ll need to help you get settled. Could be a toilet paper roll, box cutter, or even a piece of cloth. You’ll need a clean place to sit and catch your breath in case the entire house is dusty.

Don’t forget to label it as it can be quite stressful to look for a single box among so many.


If you bought home utilities in excess, now is the time to put them into proper use. Use them unsparingly to make the de-cluttering process come alive. These include shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste, and other bulky goods you might come across.

If you happen to run out of utilities a few weeks or days before moving, buy in little quantities. At least you won’t have to survive unbearable conditions in the name of de-cluttering your house.

Look around especially in your closet. You could have a stash of toilet rolls hidden somewhere and might only be discovered later on.


Looking through your mementos takes more time than you can imagine. If it’s a gift whose use you don’t see anymore, get rid of it by all means. Eventually, you’ll see the reason why the sentimental items come last.

For instance, you’ll find an item that you love but was given to you by people you want to forget. You’re not sure whether you want to keep the items or get rid of them.

You’ll have to take all the time you need to square things out accordingly.


This is one of the factors that will alert you when you’re about to consume harmful items. The likes of foodstuffs should never be downplayed as they are likely to cause food poisoning.

Base your decisions on the expiration dates and see how much your items will decrease. Check your bathrooms, closets, and most importantly, your kitchen cabinets.

Don’t hesitate to dispose of them once you discover that they are no longer useful to you.


Let’s be honest here; you can finish up all the items by yourself if you had the chance. This is the part where you decide to either sell or donate just to create space.

Selling the items you don’t find useful will get you more money for the moving exercise. Donating your items to charity is not a waste of time. Your unused blanket could help keep a homeless person warm.

As mentioned earlier, this is one of those parts of de-cluttering that will take more time. No need for you to rush.


A list is efficient especially if you are usually very busy. Go through your list and ensure that you leave no item unmarked. Be sure to update your list as often as you can.

The item you thought you needed yesterday might turn out to be useless after all.…

Advantages of Hiring Billiard Table Removalists Over Doing it Yourself

You can’t blame yourself if you are pretty excited of moving to a new home with your family. One of the things you will need to do is to figure out how you will move your billiard table.

Will you need to hire a truck?

Will anyone help you in loading it up a truck?

The questions are endless as it would be better to forget about all those problems and hire billiard table removalists. You will need to worry less when that happens.

That would be amazing since there are a lot of things to take care of in the moving process. It all points to hiring billiard table removalists as that is one thing you can’t afford to leave behind. Here are a few benefits of hiring them instead of trying to do this difficult task yourself:

They’re Insured

There would be no need to worry about the condition of their items since they are completely insured. Also, they are extremely confident that they will be able to accomplish the task in a short amount of time no matter how heavy the billiard table is. They know where they will place the billiard sticks and balls too so you can get right back to playing pool in no time. They made sure to choose the best insurer in order to get a ton of benefits. Rest assured, you won’t be worrying about the condition of your billiard table when they load it up to their truck.

They Know How to Store it

One big problem you will run into would be to figuring out how to store the billiard table in the vehicle. It is a good thing billiard table removalists won’t encounter that problem. They know where they will put the table in their van’s compartment. They are confident it will fit there and it won’t even receive a single dent or scratch. They are aware how much you value your pool table so they will take care of it like it is theirs. They know the entire game changes if one of the table’s hole nets get damaged. That would cause for the game to be played a lot longer than originally thought.

They’re Efficient

When they say they will get the billiard table to the destination in a couple of hours, you can expect them to do it. They will even help you place the billiard table where you want to put it. In a matter of minutes, you can now play pool again in a completely different setting. They will even clean the billiard table when it gets to the destination. The last thing they would happen is for you to inhale dust as that could possibly make you sick.

They’re Cost Effective

You may think they will charge a lot of money but there are a ton of removals companies who offer affordable rates. On the other hand, if you do it yourself, then you will need to spend money on truck rental and gas. Depending on how far the destination is, that can be a lot. There is also no doubt you are going to come across various expenses throughout the entire process. For example, you may encounter a flat tire during the entire road trip which is possible since you are carrying something heavy. On the other hand, you are going to get each penny of your money’s worth because you are going to get the billiard table delivered to your destination without any hassle.

A removalist will take the difficulties away from you and let you focus on more important things associated with the moving process. …

What you need to Know About Moving Companies

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the process involved
in finding a reliable moving company. With so many movers to choose from, it can be
challenging to even know where to start so you can find the right company. Many people who
have moved in the past have had some really bad and unpleasant experiences which makes them
hesitant when it comes to hiring movers. On the other hand, some homeowners have had good
experiences and can highly recommend working with a moving company. The difference
between these categories is an experience. Before you go ahead and put your signature on the
dotted line, it’s important that you keep in mind a few things. Here’s what every homeowner
should know about moving companies.
What type of Mover do you need to hire?
An important question you must ask yourself before you start looking for a reputable moving
company is on the type of move you’re making. The mover you need to hire is dependent on the
type of move you’re making. Is it an intrastate or interstate move? How far are you planning to
move? These are the factors that will limit or rather determine the type of moving company
you’ll need to hire.
Do your Research
One way to avoid being a victim of moving company scams is by doing your research. Your
research should involve checking the history and reviews of at least ten movers before selecting
a few. You want to understand if the company you’re about to hire is a rogue one. Researching
also helps you to know the different details that will be involved in your move. It’s
recommended that you avoid soliciting bids online as most moving jobs involve physical
inspection before an accurate quote or estimate is provided. Find out whether or not you’ll be
responsible for packing. Due diligence is very important.
Ask the Right Questions
As part of your due diligence exercise, you should ask as many questions as possible so you can
understand and know what to expect. Always remember it’s upon you to choose carefully the
moving company that will handle your move. Before setting up an appointment or schedule for a
meeting with a mover at your home, it’s important that you interview each of them over the
phone and narrow down your options to the top three that can meet your needs. This will save
you much time and effort.
Plan ahead of time and be Prepared on Moving Day
Planning ahead of time allows you to have enough time to research and find the right moving
company. The last thing you want is rushing and moving up and down trying to find a mover at
the last minute. Don’t stress out about your move. Simply plan in advance and you’ll have ample
time to find the best moving company. Understand that moving companies want you to be
around on a moving day so you can help and ensure a friendly service. Don’t just take off
immediately the movers arrive assuming they will handle all the work.

Report any Damages Immediately
Once a moving company has moved your belongings to your new home, it’s important that you
check and inspect them for any form of damage. Any type of damage should be reported to the
moving company immediately. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that everything is fine. It’s
recommended that you take pictures of the important items before and after the move. You don’t
have to take pictures of every item you have. This can take a lot of time.